Herbicide Tolerant (HT) Crops - Applications and Concerns -


The Herbicide Tolerant Revolution came about extremely fast. The timeline below gives a quick glimpse of the last 40 years in the HT crop industry and also what is expected to come in the near future.

Interest in plant GMOs begin

Biotech Revolution Begins

Monsanto puts herbicide Round Up on the market

Monsanto begins to reap even larger profits.

Monsanto releases Round Up Ready Soybeans to the public

Monsanto's HT crop is the first of its kinda is unrivaled economically for 10 years.

 Liberty Link Rice contaminates rice supply

Rice markets crash and the rice trade between several countries is terminated. There was 1.2 Billion dollars in damage.

Monsanto's Patent for Round Up Ready Expires

Now other companies can sell variants on Monsanto's Monopoly.

Cohen and Boyer splice a gene

Biotech gets going on it's feet

Monsanto produces their own GMO plant cell

Monsanto begins to get into the Agricultural Biotech industry.

Bayer's Liberty Link becomes a competitor to Round Up Ready

Monsanto garners its first competitor. Liberty Link does decent on the market. Monsanto is also beginning to spread their technology to other crops.

336 Million Acres of GM crops worldwide
By the next year, 94% of soybeans, 73% of cotton and 73% of corn in the US is Herbicide Tolerant.

Other Herbicide Tolerant Crops expected release 

Stronger Herbicides like 2-4D will now have HT crops alongside them for better crop yield.

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